Nashikites help count sparrows on World Sparrow Day
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Nashikites help count sparrows on World Sparrow Day

Gaurav Pardeshi

Contribute and report sparrows to Citizen Sparrow


Sparrows are found all over the world, almost at every place where humans live. But strangely, sparrow populations have been in decline in many parts of the world, for reasons that are still unclear, although hotly debated! In India, sparrows used to be found in great abundance in all cities, towns and villages; but sadly not any more.

Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) conducts a survey to keep count of the sparrows through Citizen Sparrow. The project Citizen Sparrow is a public participatory project to which all members of the public are invited to contribute. Citizen Sparrow is motivated by the observation that House Sparrows have declined in numbers in many parts of the country, while in a few other parts their numbers are reported to be stable.

Where are sparrows still found in India? Where were they found before? Where have they declined the most? Have they actually increased in some places? Your information is crucial to finding out the answers to these questions.

Citizen Sparrow run for two months, that is, for April and May. At the end of this period, a summary of the findings is prepared and published online as a report. The patterns uncovered by the Citizen Sparrow project will be subsequently used to investigate change in sparrow populations in more.

The project is run by BNHS, together with a consortium of organisations interested in nature, birds and conservation from all across the country runs this project. Many people are involved in various aspects of Citizen Sparrow. If you have lived in or even visited a place where you noticed sparrows (or noticed that they were absent), your information is very valuable. It’s worth repeating that it is not only a sparrow presence that is important. if you have information about the absence of sparrows from any particular place, this information is very valuable.

How to contribute

The first way to help is to contribute to the information you have on sparrows. Once you have done this, you could encourage your friends and family to do so as well. It will be very grateful to each and every person who contributes their valuable time and information. If you are part of a larger group – a school, college, nature club, or any other kind of organisation, you could add its name to list of collaborating organisations and spread the word through that group.