Nashikites fed up with Smart City work

Use placards to protest
Nashikites fed up with Smart City work

NASHIK: Every citizen expects his/her city to be smart. But citizens demand to stop this work when they get annoyed due to the slow pace of work, project not going as per plan and low quality of work. Something similar has happened at the main roads of Nashik.

The height of roads in the Dahipool area has been decreased by digging them deeply. As a result, the rainwater is accumulating here and is entering into shops. People have said that the work is going illogically. As a result, the locals have put up a placard demanding to halt the work. People here have fed up with the slow pace of work and have demanded immediate relief.

Work on the Smart City at Pimpalpar Chowk on the main road is progressing slowly. This has affected local citizens and businesses. Citizens have requested that this work be stopped immediately. The work of Smart City Company has been going on in Nashik for four years. Out of the total 52, only five to seven projects have been completed. The work that has been going on for the last two months is being criticized by the citizens and the business community.

After the lockdown, when the shops are open for a few hours, the roads are dug and due to which the customers cannot reach the shops, the traffic is jammed. Work under the Smart City mission has been started in the Main Road area.

The work of digging big nallas and laying pipelines is underway here. Citizens have to travel through very narrow spaces to make purchases. Even in such a situation, many people are unnecessarily crowding the area with four-wheelers and two-wheelers. This not only causes inconvenience to pedestrians but also causes traffic congestion.

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