Nashik sugar factory

Nashik APMC to send proposal to govt
Nashik sugar factory

NASHIK: Nashik Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) will send a proposal to the state government to start the Nashik sugar factory, which has been closed for the last seven years due to financial difficulties. This decision was taken at the annual general meeting of Nashik APMC held online on Friday. Chairman Devidas Pingale, deputy chairman Prabhakar Mulane, Sampatrao Sakale and other office bearers were present. The meeting was held at the office of the Nashik APMC.

Member Vikas Gaidhani raised the question of whether the Nashik Agricultural Produce Market Committee is financially capable to restart the Nashik sugar factory. Replying to this, the chairman said that the problem of the farmers needs to be solved today. He clarified that it was important to start the factory as the problem of unemployed workers would be solved. Bapu Thete demanded to take efforts for starting the factory.

Namdev Gaidhani also demanded that the factory should be started but no politics should be involved in it and the interests of the farmers should be taken into consideration. Thereafter, Pingale stated that a proposal will be sent to the state government as a special matter to restart the Nashik sugar factory and demand permission to participate in the tender process.

"For many years, the Nashik sugar factory was closed due to financial constraints. Farmers and members expressed their views in the meeting to start the factory. The market committee and the sugar factory belong to the farmers. The market committee will participate in the tender process, but a good person or organization comes forward and if the Nashik sugar factory is progressing due to this, we will give priority to them. Otherwise, the market committee is able to run the factory." - Devidas Pingale, chairman, Nashik APMC

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