Corona Paitent Discharge
Corona Paitent Discharge|Nashik records the largest number of corona recoveries
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Nashik records the largest number of corona recoveries

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The Nashik district on Friday witnessed the biggest recovery of COVID-19 cases till date. On Friday 681 cases people recovered and were discharged from hospitals in the district. This is for the first time that so many cases recovered and discharged in a single day in the district.

On the other hand 503 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the district while 7 people succumbed to COVID-19 on Friday.

According to the latest report of the district administration, the district on Friday received the swab sample reports of 1,705 new suspected cases, out of which the reports of 1,202 turned out to be negative while 503 tested positive, including the highest 365 in Nashik city, followed by 95 in rural areas of the district, Malegaon city reported 35 case and 8 of other district.

Among the 7 deaths due to COVID-19 included 2 each in Nashik city and rural areas of district and 3 in Malegaon city.

The Nashik city reordered the biggest recovery of COVId-19 caseson Friday where 521 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals. On the other hand on Friday, 365 new cases were detected and 2 deaths recorded. Till date the Nashik city has recorded 12,869 cases of COVID-19 and 335 deaths, while 9,419 cases have been recovered and discharged.

Currently, there are 3,115 active cases in Nashik city.The rural areas of Nashik district also recorded the highest recovery till date. On Friday 158 cases recovered and were discharged in rural areas of district. On Friday 95 new cases were detected and 2 people died of COVID-19.

Till date, the rural areas of the district have witnessed 4,413 COVID cases and 141 casualties while 3,279 cases are recovered. Currenyly, there are 993 active cases in rural areas of the district.The Malegaon city for the second consecutive day witnessed 35 new cases.

On Friday 3 people succumbed to coronavirus in Malegaon city while 2 cases recovered and were discharged. Till date Malegaon city has witnessed 1,489 infected cases including 89 casualties while 1,174 cases have recovered and discharged.

Currently, there are 226 active cases in Malegaon city. On Friday 8 cases from other district were found infected.

Meanwhile, till date, a total of 76,929 swab samples were sent for testing across the district out of which 56,684 tested negative while, 18,947 tested positive.

The report of 1,298 swab samples is awaited. The 18,947 positive includes 12,869 in Nashik city, 4,413 in rural part of district, 1,489 in Malegaon city and 176 are from out of district.

Till date the district has witnessed 585 casualties from coronavirus including 141 in rural parts of district, 335 in Nashik city, 89 in Malegaon city and 20 are out of district while 14,016 patients have recovered and have been discharged so far.

Currently there are 4,346 active cases across the district which includes 3,115 in Nashik city, 993 in rural parts of district, 226 in Malegaon city and 12 are from out district.

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