Nashik observing temperature swings
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Nashik observing temperature swings

Nikheel Pardeshi

Possibility of light rains on Mar 1

Nashik: Nashik city as well as district is observing temperature swings from past one week. In last week, the temperature started rising in Nashik.

On February 18, the maximum temperature was recorded to 34.1 degree Celsius. Similarly, the highest minimum temperature was recorded on 23 February, at 15.9 degree Celsius.

Currently, the temperature has again started dropping. On February 27, the minimum temperature was recorded at 12 degree Celsius.
The differentiation in temperature is rising in Nashik. The temperature rising slowly as well as it is coming down gradually at the same time.

The difference between the maximum and minimum temperature is also increasing. The district is observing difference of about 21 to 22 degree Celsius in a day.

Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) from its Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva Kendra at Igatpuri has issued a advisory. It has given forecast of next five days for the district.

The forecast says that, “In the next five days there is possibility of dry weather. There is also possibility of light rain in isolated parts on March 01, 2020.”

The advisory has also said that the maximum temperature staying in between 34-37 Degree Celsius, minimum temperature 14-17 degree Celsius. The wind speed will remain between 4-7 km/ hr for the next five days. The northeasterly winds are currently flowing from district.