Nashik most corrupt, after Pune, Aurangabad

Nashik most corrupt, after Pune, Aurangabad

NASHIK: Two months before, a senior police officer, Dr Vaishali Veer-Zankar, was arrested along with a police sub-inspector for taking bribes; the court has given verdict in both cases. As a result, Nashik zone area is ranked most corrupt after Pune and Aurangabad in the state. So far, a total of 135 accused have been caught in 97 traps in the Nashik examination area.

The Anti-Corruption Department, which is under the jurisdiction of the state government, is keeping a close eye on government servants and officials. Whether it is the complaints received on 1068 or the information given on the phone, they are ready to take immediate action. Also, daily information of the work done is being updated on the website of the Anti-Corruption Department. From January 1 to October 10, 854 accused were nabbed in a total of 600 cases in the state.

In Pune, 191 accused have been caught in 132 traps. In Aurangabad, which is in the second position, 153 accused have been caught in 110 traps. The lowest number of 41 traps was set in the Mumbai area and 57 accused have been arrested.

Despite a severe lockdown last year, corruption and the traps have not come down; In addition, the rules of lockdown have been relaxed and many offices have started working. As a result, the traps of the Anti-Corruption Bureau have also picked up speed. The Revenue department is as usual leading in corruption.

The number of traps in the state increased to 475 between January 1 and August 10; 657 accused were arrested while accepting bribes. From August 10 to October 10, there has been an increase of 125 traps and an increase of 197 bribery cases.

Previously, it was assumed that only one person is involved in a specific bribery case. However, now it is learned that it may be more than one person and sometimes a network is found. This trend has been found in recent bribery cases. Therefore, the Anti-Corruption Department has also changed its working system and at the same time, arrested the concerned officials by setting a trap.

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