Nashik east, west divisions in grip of air pollution
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Nashik east, west divisions in grip of air pollution

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: The tree census in Nashik city is still going on and it has come to light so far that the city has 48 lakh trees. Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has to plant around 2.25 lakh trees every year to match the population of the city and the number of trees.

When the current status of trees is being considered dangerous, it has come to light through tree census that Nashik east and west divisions have 1.40% trees only. A total of 17 cities from Maharashtra is in the list of 94 most polluted cities in the country.

Last year it came to light that Nashik city is in the sixth position among these 17 cities. Nashik city is suffering from air pollution due to growing industrialization, jungles of cement, lack of tree plantation and an increasing number of vehicles every year.

It has been found that the level of Particulate Matter (PM) is above the fixed level. Some surprising information has come to light through the tree census by NMC. NMC office bearers and administration have to take serious steps to prevent a situation like Delhi.

The percentage of indigenous trees is 34% only, while percentage of foreign trees is 66%. Considering this, NMC has started to implement Devrai project to increase number of indigenous trees in the city. Following large scale development in Nashik east and west divisions which are known as core area of the city, there are jungles of cement.

It has also come to light that rule to plant trees is not being followed. Of the total trees in the city, Nashik east division has 1.41% trees only and Nashik west division has 1.44% only. Highest (36.09%) trees are in Panchavati division, while New Nashik has 34% trees. Satpur division has 10% trees, whereas Nashik Road division has 17.06% trees.

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