Nashik buses to run for Ganesh devotees

Nashik buses to run for Ganesh devotees

NASHIK: For the second year in a row, the number of trains has been reduced due to the Covid-19 and Ganeshotsav is hampered. Against this backdrop, buses are being planned by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation to take the people of Konkan to their hometown for Ganeshotsav.

Buses will be provided for employees passing through Mumbai. Under this, 120 buses from Nashik division will be sent to Thane division. Ganeshotsav is the biggest festival for the people of Konkan. Citizens of Konkan, who have settled in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra for work, come to Mulgaon every year for Ganeshotsav.

Especially considering the number of devotees going to Konkan for Ganeshotsav from Mumbai and suburbs, extra trains are released by Railways and ST administration. However, this year, due to the shortage of railways, additional burden will be placed on the ST Corporation.

Meanwhile, 125 buses will be sent from Nashik division to Thane division. According to the depot wise plan of Thane division, buses of Nashik will run for Ganesh devotees. Senior ST officials have informed that these buses will return to Nashik division by the end of September.

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