Nashik beyond the vineyards & godaghats

PC: Sumeet Bhokare
PC: Sumeet BhokarePahine Village

(Article by Anish Kshatriya)

NASHIK: Nashik, beyond the chants of mantras on the Godavari river and vineyards, is a place filled with mesmerising landscapes. Landscapes that make your jaw drop, ocher yellow landscapes giving you just the right summer vibes while turning lush green with fogged up mountains behind it in winter. It makes you want to set up a hut somewhere and see the view every day.

P.C: Anish Kshatriya
P.C: Anish KshatriyaRamshej Fort

Talking about setting up a home with a view, weekend homes are being built here at a rapid pace. People from neighbouring cities like Mumbai, Pune, etc., are showing very keen interest in buying weekend homes in places like grape county and Trimbakeshwar. Nashikites love the open outdoors, and hence they are bitten by the off-roading bug. Many citizens go off-roading to the various outskirts of Nashik, be it near windmills or to the Vaitarna side.

Driving vehicles through river crossings and enjoying a nice barbeque or home-cooked food is mainly the choice. Moreover, those who don’t have the luxury of going off-roading go for nice weekend drives to nearby places, like Vaitarna dam to experience sunsets or even Igatpuri to take in the beautiful sight of not being able to see anything, i.e., to see fog. In winters, even the milky way is visible from Pahine village due to less air pollution.

It is quite a beautiful spectacle of mother nature that one should experience at least once in their life. Nashik is also blessed with amazing mountain ranges of Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar, Peth & many more that citizens love to climb at weekends to forget their stress away. A city blessed with nature, low pollution & less traffic makes it an amazing place to live.

P.C: Anish Kshatriya
P.C: Anish Kshatriya Vaitarna Dam
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