Nashik APMC suffers revenue loss of Rs 50 lakh

Turnover of crores of rupees stalled in 12 days
Nashik APMC suffers revenue loss of Rs 50 lakh

NASHIK: As Agriculture Produce Market Committees were closed during the strict lockdown which was imposed to curb Covid-19 spread, Nashik Agriculture Produce Market Committee has to suffer from a loss of Rs 50 lakh in the last 12 days. The turnover worth crores of rupees daily was stalled during these days, secretary of Nashik APMC Arun Kale informed. He also informed that currently, the daily turnover in the Market Committee is low due to less arrival of agriculture produce.

District Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, District Collector Suraj Mandhare, and Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav had decided to impose strict lockdown from Wednesday, May 12th to Sunday, May 23rd. They had taken this decision as the number of Covid-19 patients was rising at an alarming level in the Nashik district. It was difficult for the patients in Nashik to get Remdecivir vial, oxygen and ventilator beds and many people lost their lives as they did not get treatment in time.

The Nashik Agricultural Produce Market Committee has a daily turnover of Rs. 3.5-4 crore in the form of the auction of fruit vegetables, leafy vegetables, onion, potato and fruits and the Market Committee gets 1% revenue in the form of fee. Due to the closure of the Market Committee for 12 days, the turnover of around Rs 50 lakh came to a standstill and the Market Committee has to suffer the loss of Rs 50 lakh.

Although the auction of vegetables and fruits has been resumed in the Market Committee from Monday, May 23rd, many traders are visiting the farm fields to buy agricultural produce during the closure of the Committee. As a result, there is less arrival of vegetables for the last two days.

"The turnover of crores of rupees in the Market Committee was stalled due to the 12-day lockdown and the Market Committee has suffered a revenue loss of Rs 50 lakh. Although the Market Committee has resumed its operations, the farmers are not bringing their agricultural produce in large quantities. It is noted that farmers are feared due to Covid-19 and the supply of agricultural produce is likely to increase soon." - Arun Kale, secretary, Nashik APMC

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