Nandurmadhyameshwar: Painted Stork forming nesting colonies

First time at sanctury birds are nesting in large numbers
Nandurmadhyameshwar: Painted Stork forming nesting colonies

Nashik: After getting the title ot Ramsar sight and becoming a first wetland sight in state to get recognized as Ramsar wetland, District's Bird Sanctury Nandurmadhyameshwar has got another good news for Nashikites. The bird sanctury in Niphad tehsil of Nashik has witnessed an unbelievable phenomenon in its history. The local migratory bird Painted Storks are forming colonies in sanctuary.

Last year too a small group of birds nested in Nandurmadhyameshwar. Three couples of Painted Stork last year hatched six chicks. This year the number of guests has increased to around 40 birds than last years group of around 15 birds. After 24 years the birds were recorded at the Nandurmadhyameshwar. While first time in a history of sanctuary these birds are forming colonies.

Recently, the inclusion of Nandurmadyameshwar in Ramsar Convention has made the Nashikites proud. The Nandurmadheshwar dam is full of water as the rainfall was very good this year. This has created a nurturing environment for the bird, Painted Stork to make their nests this year. In Maharashtra, the breeding period of this bird is from November to March. For the past several years, these birds tried to build a nest in February-March, but after nesting, they did not lay eggs due to lack of water. Last year, however, these birds had started making nests in the last week of January, using sticks on the exotic acacia trees. This year too the water level is satisfactory and it is expected that the birds will lay eggs.

The Painted Stork is a resident and local migratory bird. They stand in water of in swamps, lakes, paddy fields all day for prey. The bird hunts and eats frogs, snakes, snails and other small preys from water.


May form permanent colony

"Last year a group of Painted Storks stayed in sanctuary. They also hatched eggs. This year too the birds have arrived and the number has doubled. The work of building nests has already been started. We are very cheerful and expecting that the birds will stay this year too. This year we may experience a colony of Painted storks. If the birds form colony here, eventually it will become permanent spot for them."

- Ashok Kale, Assistant Conservator of Forest


"The Painted Storks have arrived at Nandurmadyameshwar and have started building their nests. Number of birds is increasing every day. Currently there are around 40 Painted Storks at present. Nest building activities have been started by these birds. They use the grass and exotic acacia trees to build their nests."

- Gangadhar Aghav, Guide, Nandurmadhyameshwar

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