Municipal polls in the new year?

Parties, aspirants, stalwarts adopt wait and watch policy
Municipal polls in the new year?

NASHIK: On March 13, 2022, the term of office of all the corporators including the mayor of Nashik Municipal Corporation ended, and for the first time in the history of Nashik Municipal Corporation, Administrative rule began. Nashik municipal election, which has already been delayed due to OBC reservation after the pandemic, is expected to be postponed again.

After the change of power in the state, there are indications of a new ward structure and also because of the decision to cancel the number of members increased by the Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA) government, there are indications that the Nashik municipal elections will be held in the new year in 2023.

When the MVA government was in power, it was ordered to increase the number of corporators by 11 for the Nashik municipal election and hold the election process according to the three-member ward structure. However

After the formation of the Shinde-led government in the state, it was decided to cancel the three-ward structure and continue the old structure. This has created confusion among political parties.

While in power, MVA had announced the three-ward structure for the upcoming municipal elections by increasing the number of corporators. Accordingly, the number of corporators in Nashik Municipal Corporation increased from 122 to 133.

A total of 44 wards were designed according to the three-member strength. However, as soon as the Mahavikas Aghadi govt collapsed, the Shinde faction-led government that came to power cancelled the new ward structure. So the aspirants along with the political parties are in a dilemma. Confusion looms over whether the elections are to be conducted as per the 2017 ward structure, or the proposed new ward formula.

It was expected that the state government would issue guidelines in this regard. However, no new notification has been received in this regard so far.

No clarity about ward structure

In a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, it was decided to cancel the increased number of corporators So instructions were also given to hold elections like the elections held in 2017. Due to this, a total of 122 corporators were elected to Nashik Municipal Corporation in the year 2017 by the four-member ward structure.

However, although there is an explicit mention in the Minutes of the meeting that the number of corporators will be reduced, there is no clear order regarding the number of members in each of the wards.

As in 2017, if it is decided to hold the election on a four-member ward basis, then the voting list will have to be renewed and the reservation will have to be made afresh.

And if there is an order to keep the number of 122 members like the three-member ward structure, then the whole process will have to be done afresh.

It is likely to take at least six to seven months. Due to this, it is also being said that it is possible to hold elections for Nashik Municipal Corporation in the new year i.e. in January or February, 2023.

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