MSRTC’s scrap bus auction on Dec 28

Auction of various iron parts, aluminum, rubber, batteries and other parts
MSRTC’s scrap bus auction on Dec 28

Nashik: As the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) or ST Corporation is under financial distress it has decided to sell the scrap available at various bus depots. Auction will be held on December 28 at Divisional ST workshop of Peth Road.

The ST Corporation has decided to auction aluminum, sheets, scrap metal and various parts. A process has been started and information about this has been made available on the official website of ST Corporation Government e-Auction System Auction ID 2020-MH-7831.

For the first time, ST Corporation is conducting e-auction on its own and earlier it was conducting auction through a private contractor. The ST Corporation is looking for many sources of income.

Therefore, for the first time, ST Corporation is going to hold an auction on it's own, to get financial support. Due to lockdown, the auction was delayed at this time. The ST Corporation holds auction every year. About a year and a half after the last auction took place on April 19, the ST is conducting the auction.

Lots ready to sell

More than 200 lots of various parts of the vehicle including various spare parts, tyres, batteries, plates, springs, radiators, iron, barrels, gear boxes, starters have been completed and the auction process will soon help ST Corporation financially.

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