MSRTC: Order to act against those who avoid working in Marathi

MSRTC: Order to act against those who avoid working in Marathi

Instructions to all dept controllers

Nashik : Although Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation’s (MSRTC) official work being done in Marathi, some people avoid it. Therefore, the Corporation has ordered every divisional controller’s office to take action against the officers and employees who avoid working in Marathi.

The order also stipulates a fine of Rs 100 per English word in official records and correspondence. It has also been directed to record this action in the service book and confidential report of the concerned officers and employees.

The Government of Maharashtra has made it mandatory from May 1, 1966, to do all work in Marathi except for prohibited purposes. The MSRTC has also issued instructions accordingly. But even after that, 100% of the work is not being done in Marathi. Therefore, recently all the departmental controllers have been ordered to take action against those who do not work in Marathi.

It has been suggested to give a written warning, record in a confidential report, withholding promotion for one year or withholding salary increase for one more year to those who do not work in Marathi even without justifiable reasons.

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