MSRTC freight service

Freight rates cheaper than pvt transporters
MSRTC freight service

NASHIK: The record hike in diesel prices is now affecting freight rates. While private transport has become more expensive, now the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation ( M S R T C ) has also increased the fare by Rs 2 per km. There are 50 trucks running in the Nashik division and the rate hike is still cheaper than other transport services. The MSRTC focused on freight traffic due to the declining number of passengers.

Freight is transported through MSRTC buses at reasonable rates both in and out of the state. As the service is more reliable, cheaper and faster than private transport, during the year from May 21st, 2020 to June 30th, 2021, the freight buses in the Nashik division collected an income of Rs. 3.69 crores.

As the number of passengers decreased, the MSRTC made some changes in the buses and started using them for freight. Initially, it started with nine trucks. Now 50 trucks are working in the Nashik division. The service is getting a good response day by day in the state. While the lockdown has reduced the revenue of passenger transport, MSRTC is contributing to the increase in revenue through freight. However, diesel prices have risen sharply in the last few months.

The biggest hit of the diesel price hike is on the MSRTC. Therefore, the administration increased the price in the state by Rs two per kilometre. Speaking on the occasion, MSRTC officials said that a price hike is inevitable. Private transport operators increase transport rates along with fuel prices. This is not the case with MSRTC freight. Although the rate has now gone up by Rs 2, it is lower than that of private transport and freight is getting a good response, the official said.

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