MSEDCL to set up two charging stations in Nashik

2375 proposed throughout state
MSEDCL to set up two charging stations in Nashik

NASHIK: Electric vehicles are being widely accepted as an alternative to the environmentally friendly and rising petrol and diesel prices. By the end of this decade, 30 per cent of the total vehicles sold in the country will be electric vehicles. In view of the increasing number of these vehicles, MSEDCL has started Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at 13 places in the state and has proposed 2,375 stations at various places in the state.

So far, MSEDCL has planned to set up charging stations for electric vehicles at its own cost in additional spaces at its sub-center. Under this the MSEDCL has planned to set up two vehicle charging station at Nashik. The state government has approved the Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy - 2021. Accordingly, by the year 2025, the total number of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the state is will be around 2375 and the Nashik city will have 100 charging stations along the Mumbai-Nashik Highway (NH3) and Nashik-Pune. They will be fully equipped with charging facilities for electric vehicles.

The central government has allowed any person or organizsation to start a public charging station without any license to enable the electric charging ecosystem. Anyone can start an electric charging station near a bus station, train station, petrol pump or shopping mall. Apart from this, electric charging stations are also being set up along the highway. In addition, the state government has appointed Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company as the state nodal agency for providing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

In addition, if private individuals want to set up a charging station, they are being given priority power supply by MSEDCL. The decision announced by the state government has announced financial incentives for setting up electric vehicle charging stations. A financial provision of Rs 40 crore has been made. An updated web portal has been developed by MSEDCL to distribute these financial incentives.

Power Up app

In view of the increasing number of electric vehicles, MSEDCL has developed a mobile app called ‘Power Up’ to provide information on the current status of the charging station as well as the geographical indices. Current status of electric vehicle charging station (available or in use), station description, plug type, power (DC, AC). Start time, available time (booking via app). Distance from the current location, if the nearest station is not in service or not available, information on the nearest alternative charging station, etc, is available.

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