MSEDCL starts pre-monsoon maintenance work

Power supply has to be switched off for repairs
MSEDCL starts pre-monsoon maintenance work

NASHIK: Every year before the arrival of monsoon, maintenance and repair work of the electrical system is done by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) so that the power supply of the customers will not be interrupted in the monsoon season. These works are being carried out at a fast pace in Nashik circle, so even though it is causing temporary inconvenience to the electricity consumers, these works are being done to provide uninterrupted power to during the monsoon season.

However, MSEDCL has appealed to the consumers to exercise restraint and cooperate during this period. The government has imposed a 10-day extended lockdown from today to protect against the outbreak of the Covid, during which all citizens will stay at home and only emergency services will be allowed. Therefore, MSEDCL employees are working continuously in case of any emergency to prevent any power outage.

“But if you want to do maintenance and repair work of electrical systems, you have to cut off the power supply in that area. The work is done in stages without breaking all the parts or power lines that area. These works include cutting off the branches of tall trees if they are touching the electrical live wires so that the power supply to the consumer is not interrupted for a long time during monsoon."

"Replacement of broken pins and insulators, inspection and repair, oil insulation of generators, transformers, stopping leakage of oil, replacement of damaged lightning arrester of ducts, inspection and repair of damaged jumper, worn out wire replacement, burnt, broken wire replacement, all mechanical components and systems in the substation etc,” said Deepak Kumthekar, Chief Engineer, MSEDCL, Nashik Circle.

Also, many of these tasks are performed quickly, eliminating errors that may occur in real time. However, while doing this work at a fast pace, the power supply is interrupted for some time. Kumthekar has instructed all the engineers and employees to carry out these works with due care and safety. Accordingly, in order to provide uninterrupted and quality power supply to the customers, the system should be uninterrupted in the rainy season without any interruption and hence, they are doing these works so that the consumer can get proper service at home in this outbreak, he said.

At the same time, prior notice is given through SMS on the customer’s mobile before performing these tasks. Even after these works, strong winds and rains often cause trees, branches to fall and lightning to fall on the dix insulator on the wire, damaging the system. Therefore, even after that, work is done to restore and streamline the system of MSEDCL.

However, taking precautionary measures in advance helps in speeding up and restoring uninterrupted power supply. Therefore, MSEDCL is aware of the crisis and therefore all the citizens at home, consumers are suffering due to rising temperature. Although maintenance work is in the interest of the power system as well as for uninterrupted, smooth and safe customer service, MSEDCL has appealed to the consumers to cooperate with a little restraint during this period.

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