Mountaineers from Nashik climb Hadbichi Shendi

Mountaineers from Nashik climb Hadbichi Shendi

NASHIK: In the Satmala mountain range near Manmad in Nashik district, in front of Ankai-Tankai, Gorakshgad and Katra forts, there stands a cone of Hadbichi Shendi. This cone is also called Angthyacha Dongar or thumb hill because it resembles a thumb. This is a very difficult cone was climbed by the mountaineers of Vainateya Giribraman Sanstha, who have done remarkable work in the field of trekking and mountaineering in Nashik.

They chose the Shiv Pratap Day, which was on November 10, Wednesday, to climb this difficult mountain patch. The height of this cone is 120 feet and according to the range of mountaineering, the ascent of this cone falls into moderate to difficult type. The cone has to be climbed in three stages.

The first and second stages fall into moderate levels of climbing and the last stage into the difficult category. The climb is very steep and challenging as the cliffs here are very loose. Gaurav Jadhav was the first climber, started to climb the cone. After that Rohit Hiwale gave the belay to the first climber.

The climbers used choke nuts and nails to hold the rope while climbing. After that Vidya Ahire and Prithviraj Shinde climbed and reached the top of the cone. Prithviraj Shinde filmed the surroundings and cones with the help of a drone.

While descending from the cone, all four climbers descended from the summit by rappelling with the support of the nails and anchored the rocks. The climb, which began at eight in the morning, was a complete success at four in the evening.

The climb was guided by the Board of Trustees of the Vainateya organisation. mountaineer and fort scholar Sudarshan Kulthe gave the Information about the expedition while talking to Deshdoot Times.

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