More than 15000 cusec discharge from Palkhed Dam

Pungaon Dam 69.82 full
More than 15000 cusec discharge from Palkhed Dam

NASHIK: Due to heavy rains in Dindori taluka for four days in a row, the Kadwa and her tributaries rivers and natural streams are overflowing. Continuous rains have put life stand still, and people are moving to safety. The water level of the river is increasing steadily, causing a flood-like situation. As the water discharge has increased from the Palakhed dam, a warning has been issued to people living along the river.

Due to heavy flooding of the river, nallas in Dindori taluka, the dam reserves in the taluka are increasing rapidly. Due to torrential rains in Manjarpada (Devasane) project area, Punegaon is 69.82 percent full, and 4000 cusecs of water has been released from the Punegaon dam into the Unanda river basin. As a result, the water storage of Ojharkhed Dam has increased by 38.50 percent. Due to heavy rains in the western part of Dindori taluka, Karanjwan Dam has filled up to 44.22 per cent. It is loaded at 47 percent.

The Tisgaon dam is flooded. Due to non-stop heavy rains in Dindori taluka, a heavy flood situation is likely in the next few hours.

Rainfall in Dindori

  • Dindori - 71.00 mm

  • Ramshej - 98.00 mm

  • Nanashi - 186.00 mm

  • Umrale - 99.00 mm

  • Lakhmapur - 86.00 mm

  • Koshimbe - 171.00 mm

  • Mohadi - 52.00 mm

  • Varkheda - 98.00 mm

  • Wani - 101.00 mm

"Due to the ongoing rains in the catchment area of Palkhed Dam, the ROS (Reservoir Operation System) of the dam has been completed, and the inflow of water has increased rapidly. If the rains continue, they will be increased in stages, but the people in the river basin area should take special care of the floods." -Sudarshan Sanap, Branch Engineer, Palkhed Dam

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