More than 150 stray dogs adopted in Nashik

Stray dog puppies
More than 150 stray dogs adopted in Nashik

NASHIK: Nashikites have taken the initiative to adopt stray dogpuppies and give them warmth and shelter. In the last one and a half years, Nashik residents have adopted more than 150 stray dogs. Some organizations like Paw Care, Animal Elevate Association are working in this field voluntarily. 400-500 activists from Nashik have voluntarily joined these organizations. These organizations treat injured stray dogs.

Once a week, on Sundays, they are fed in different areas of the city. But stray dogs need to be able to live their own way, and they need to be careful not to get into the habit of eating. They run social media campaigns for the adoption of puppies.

Inspired in lockdown

“We also have adopted a puppy. He is very pampered. Stray dogs don’t get love. We realized that no one cared about strays. During the initial period of lockdown, all shops, restaurants, everything was closed. There were some stray dogs around our house. We noticed that they were getting ill as there was nothing to eat. So my brother and I started feeding them. We used to make biryani and walk around the area and feed 40-50 dogs. Seeing that, people started inquiring and activists were added, said Mughdha Thakur from Paw care.

Work began with a tragic event

“Once we were walking down a road. It was late in the evening. A speeding vehicle in front of us hit a dog and the vehicle zoomed away. We ran. Took that dog aside. Tried hard but could not get timely treatment. He died in front of us. I was very upset by that incident. That’s why we got inspired and we started working for stray dogs. It’s been 3 years now. Some friends came together. Initially began to feed stray dogs.” - Vinod Yadav and Ishita Sharma, Founder, Animal Welfare Association

Process of adoption

Numerous activists have been added. They are trained from time to time. Such activists keep an eye on their surroundings. They report to the organization that they see puppies. The activists of the organization take pictures of them and post them on the page of the organization on social media, requesting people to adopt them. Stray dogs usually do not leave their premises. This makes it easier to track them.

When volunteers get a response they try to convince people to adopt the dog. Gradually the adoption rate of dogs and stray cats is also increasing. A private veterinary doctor helps the volunteers with the treatment. The government veterinary clinic is also playing a major role. At least 7-8 puppies are being adopted in a month. The number of workers joining the organization is also increasing.

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