Monsoon onset may be delayed : Heavy rains predicted in August, September, October

Monsoon onset may be delayed : Heavy rains predicted in August, September, October


The onset of the South-West Monsoon is likely to be delayed by a month this year, according to meteorologists. The monsoon pattern has changed over the last few years and this year, like the previous year, the rains will start showering from July. meteorologists have forecast heavy rains in August, September and October.

As a rule, every year the meteorological department makes a forecast of the arrival of the monsoon at the coast of Kerala on June 1 and on the Konkan coast after a week on June 7.

However, over the past few years, this prediction has been turning out to be false. The climatic conditions and overall nature cycle have undergone major changes which are affecting the arrival of monsoon.

The weather department has predicted satisfactory rainfall this year as well. But considering last year’s experience, the onset of monsoon is likely to be delayed this year too.

The experts have however cautioned farmers that they should not make haste for sowing activity, otherwise they may face a crisis of double sowing.

“There will be intermittent rainfall in May and June this year. The monsoon may pick up speed by the fortnight of July. After that, heavy rainfall will be witnessed across Maharashtra. As like in the past, the monsoon will be strong in the months of August, September and October. Several parts of the state may witness the flood-like situation,” they said.

The lockdown has significantly reduced pollution levels and it has been predicted that it will benefit the monsoon. Farmers should inspect soil of their agricultural land to know farmland texture before sowing so as to decide on the crop to be taken. Farmers are also advised not to sow seeds till the soil garners adequate moisture and till, at least, 65 mm of rainfall is recorded.

Heavy floods predicted

As like in the past, there are signs of torrential rainfall in August, September and October. This can cause heavy floods in rivers. In view of this, the administration should get itself ready for disaster management and water management.

There will be intermittent rains in May and June. It will rain heavily for the next three consecutive months. Farmers should sow only after the clumps break so as to avoid double sowing.

– Kiran Kumar Zore, weather expert

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