Blog : Big Day Sunday

Blog : Big Day Sunday

Dr. Arun Swadi

Against Afganistan first and Scotland on Friday they won with very huge margin, increased the run rate and now stand good of all three teams stay tied up on same points.Now it is simple calculation.India has to beat Namibia but importantly Nabi 's men must defeat New Zealand and not by big margin.

The game against Scotland was entirely one sided thanks to skipper Virat Kohli who finally befriended the coin, won the toss, chose to bowl and bowlers did the rest.85 was gettable but no body expected it in 6.3 overs. And that was end of nightmare for Scotland.

Now all eyes are on Sunday afternoon.India expects Afgan win but Kiwis are not going to give away. Afterall they are World champions in test cricket.And only Ben Stoke',s bat came in way for them to be champions of 50 overs game.

But they are playing in desert and in scorching heat, that too against the team which plays attacking cricket and have best spin attack. Ken Williamson also knows they are not playing only against 11 Afganistan cricketers.

They are going to play against them with millions of supporters. Afganistan have showed enough in this tournament that they can play and beat any team. And Kiwi have shown enough that they are vulnerable. My gut feeling is Mohamed Nabi's men will give India passport for semifinals.

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