Misuse of Remdesivir

Notices issued to 68 hospitals
Misuse of Remdesivir

NASHIK: The district administration has issued show-cause notices to 68 hospitals in the city for the misuse of Remdesivir. The hospitals have allegedly used additional Remdisivir for treating patients. Clarification has been sought from them for overuse. If there is no satisfactory answer, the administration will take strict action against the guilty, said District Collector Suraj Mandhare.

For the past few days, the district is facing a shortage of Remdesivir. Relatives of the patients have been rushing to get the drug. The district administration had asked all the hospitals to keep a list of the Remedisivir stock received on April 13 and its usage. Following complaints of Remdesivir shortage, the district administration has been checking the injection data of the hospital for the last eight days.

Out of 325 hospitals, 294 have been inspected, and 68 hospitals have been found using Remdesivir unnecessarily. It has also come to light that there is excessive use of injections, exceeding the standard set by the government. Hospitals must make the injections available to patients. However, some hospitals are stating that it is the responsibility of the patients to get the injections.

Due to the overuse, other patients are suffering to get them. According to the letter dated April 10, hospitals have been given clear orders to provide injections. According to Schedule A, hospitals can purchase Remdesivir.

Remdesivir should be used as per requirement

“The district is receiving less supply of Remdesivir. The situation in other districts is also similar. Considering the number of patients on oxygen beds, there is excessive use of Remdesivir. The IMA has now issued a letter in this regard and guidelines have been issued on the use of Remdesivir. The demand is lowered significantly if excessive use of the drug is stopped. The issue of Remdesivir had arisen last time, but we had worked out a solution for this by coordinating it,” said District Collector Mandhare

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