Minimum fine of Rs. 500 for violating traffic rules

Minimum fine of Rs. 500 for violating traffic rules

NASHIK: According to the new traffic rules, those who violate the traffic rules will now have to pay a minimum fine of Rs 500. The rule is now being implemented in the city inviting wrath of citizens. Due to the new rules, twowheelers and four-wheelers will have to pay a fine of Rs. 590 and Rs. 850 respectively for towing due to parking of vehicle in the No parking zone. Meanwhile, the state government has increased the penalty amount against unruly drivers as per the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019. The driver is being fined a minimum of Rs 500 for violating any traffic rules.

According to this, if vehicles are parked at no parking places in the city, now they will have to pay Rs.500 instead of Rs 200. Therefore, in case of towing action, two-wheeler riders are being fined Rs 590 and four-wheelers Rs 850 as per the new rules. In order to discipline the traffic, the state government has increased the amount of fines. Earlier, a fine of at least Rs 200 was levied for violating traffic rules.

But now, the minimum fine has been increased to Rs 500 and a maximum of Rs 4,000 is being levied. The new penalty rates are effective from Sunday (Dec. 12). According to this, in case of imposition of e-challan fine, the concerned violator will be fined a minimum of Rs. 500. The state government and the RTO hope that increase in the amount of fine will help follow traffic rules.

Meanwhile, unscrupulous drivers in the city have been hit by the increase in fines. It has a picture of the biggest hit being parked in no parking zone. After the towing action, the twowheeler was earlier fined Rs 290. But now they have to pay a fine of Rs 590 and four-wheeler drivers have to pay a fine of Rs 850 instead of Rs 550. Similarly, if action is taken through e-challan, the violator will have to pay the amount of overdue fine.

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