Mhamdapur is home to endangered species

Indian Jackal, Blackbuck flourishing at this reserved forest
Mhamdapur is home to endangered species

NASHIK: The Mhamdapur-Rajapur conservation reserve forest has become a home to most endangered species like Indian Jackal and Blackbuck. The species are flourishing at this conservation Reserve forest. There are currently 5,000 Blackbucks at the reserve as per the last census conducted. The Jackal population is also steadily growing here. The Mamdapur’s reserve area of 54.46 sq km at 27 km from Nashik has been specially developed for antelopes.

This area is spread in the Mamdapur, Rajapur, Kharwandi, Devdari, Somthanjosh areas of Yeola tehsil of the Nashik district. The antelope, which is seen as a symbol of the Indian subcontinent, is widely known there. The antelope is mainly found in the arid pastures of the arid region of India, especially in the rainfed region of Maharashtra. There is an antelope sanctuary at Rehekuri in Karjat taluka of Ahmednagar district.

Droughts are seen in Indapur, Shirur, Baramati talukas of Pune district, and in Ahmednagar and Solapur districts. Blackbucks are also found in large numbers in Andhra Pradesh, adjoining Solapur district, and in the area adjoining Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Antelope is a deer found mainly in India. It is the predominant deer in the deer family.

The male antelope is black, and the female is brown. Males mainly have horns. Females do not have horns. The antelope is 74 to 84 cm above the shoulder. Male antelopes weigh an average of 20-57 kg, and females weigh an average of 20-33 kg. A female becomes pregnant for 6 months and gives birth to a cub. They are usually 15-16 years of lifespan of antelope. It is the state animal of Punjab, Haryana, and Andhra Pradesh. The Bishnoi people of Rajasthan are famous for their protection.

Solar operated water pumps

The Nashik forest department has started filling up the ponds and artificial water holes and tanks in the forest area to provide water to the animals. The Mhamdapur reserved forest area for the blackbucks in the tehsil of Yeola faces a water crisis in the summertime. This year the Forest department has installed solar-operated water pumps for the animals to avoid frequent drying of water holes. There are around 30 water holes and 70 water tanks in this area which are being filled regularly by the forest department. The forest staff of around 34 is working in this process with help of an NGO too.

Development of pasture land

The forest department has decided to develop pasture land of 100 hectares to make available food for antelopes. Department has recently conducted a workshop about the same. The grass species like Povanya, Shendya, Hemata, Dinanath, kandya, chimanchara, and other local grass species will be cultivated according to their characteristics and their importance.

Distance from important cities

Manmad to Rajapur 48 km and 53 km

Shirdi to Rajapur Nashik to Rajapur 100km

Aurangabad to Rajapur 120 km

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