MG road needs well planned parking lots

MG road needs well planned parking lots

NASHIK: The first concrete smart road in North Maharashtra has been trapped in a traffic jam due to lack of planning by the police and the Municipal Corporation. Merchants who have invested millions of rupees and the customers who come to them have to bear the brunt of it. Meher to Mahabal Chowk is Mahatma Gandhi Road.

The first smart road in the city. Presence of banks, hotels, clinics, clothing, mobile shops, Yashwant gym and Congress committee office, this stretch is considered as an important market place which always sees heavy rush and traffic crawls. MG Road would have been a model road today if the municipal corporation had set a common goal of keeping a safe distance between the two structures, making parking compulsory in each building, and curbing any commercial use in the residential complex.

In the other hand, however, even though the Zilla Parishad has built a stadium complex, the lower underground parking space of the complex has literally turned into a garbage can. The ZP locked it without cleaning. The shopkeepers then blocked the front entrance side with their own four wheelers. Subsequently, visiting customers began to park their vehicles behind the already parked vehicles.

In addition, street vendors started hovering to sell small items and food items, so the road remains in a state of constant encroachment. Motorists coming here for work have to bear the brunt of it. Even if a vehicle comes on the road, the vehicle owner has to face punitive action. This problem can be solved to some extent if every shopkeeper is allotted a parking lot.

"The poor condition of MG Road is due to lack of planning by the administration. Therefore, all ordinary and tax paying citizens, two-wheelers have to endure daily hardships. Discipline will open up a lot of space." - Rajendra Bagul, former corporator

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