Mercury settles around 9 degrees Celsius

Mercury settles around 9 degrees Celsius


After dipping to single digit for first time this season at 9.8 degrees Celsius on Sunday, the city temperature continues to hover around 9.0 degrees for the past three days. On Sunday, a night temperature at 9.8 degrees was recorded in the city, followed by 9.2 degrees on Monday and 9.5 yesterday. It seems that the mercury is settled around 9 degrees Celsius after Saturday's 10.4 degrees. Meanwhile low temperatures have been recorded in grape belt Niphad. It continues to be among the coldest places in the state. Yesterday, Niphad was reeling at 7.4 degrees Celsius.

Nashikites are experiencing the winter chill thanks to the cold wave from the North. For the consecutive third day, low temperatures have been recorded in Niphad and Nashik. According to the records in the weather observatory of Wheat Research Centre at Kundewadi, the town recorded a minimum temperature of 7.4 degrees Celsius yesterday, a day after recording a night temperature at 7 degrees on Monday. -- A drop of almost one notch in last 72 hours. The temperature at Niphad was dropped to 3.0 degrees in December last.

While Nashik has also seen a dramatic drop in temperature level since last four days. For the first time, in this season, the city temperatue had dropped to single digit on November 20. Nashik yesterday recorded a minimum temperature of 9.5 degrees Celsius after dip in mercury to 10.4 degrees on Saturday.

In the last seven days, since November 15, the city temperature has dipped by 5.7 degree notches. On Nov 15, the night temperature was recorded at 15.2 degrees.

The farmers’ worries have increased in the district due to persistent cold weather. Increased cold will have a big effect on onion and vineyards. At present, the vineyards are getting ready for harvest. If the temperature drops below 6 degrees celsius, the growth of fruits may be affected and they may get cracked, opined an agricultural expert associated with an association of grape growers. The grape growers will have to take measures like giving water to vineyards through drip method in the wee hours to maintain the temperature, following the old traditional method of creating bonfires in the vineyards etc.

The cold weather conditions may affect the rabi crop in the district. Wheat, gram, vegetables, onions, grapes are need to be properly taken care of in this cold weather.

With the winter season setting in, the demand for warm clothes like sweaters, mufflers, caps, and blankets increased significantly. The people can be seen at the shop stalls selling woollen wear. While many can be seen burning bonfires in most parts to protect themselves from the chill. After 10 pm, the main streets of the city are woring deserted look.

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