Mercury in district drops by 3 degrees Celsius

Mercury in district drops by 3 degrees Celsius

Nashik: The mercury in Nashik district has dropped by 3 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature has lowered to 14 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in Maharashtra has dropped by 6 degrees Celsius in last 10 days. As northern states in India are witnessing a snow fall, the central areas are experiencing its effect. A cold wave is being projected in North Maharashtra.

Jammu Kashmir, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are experiencing a snow fall for the last few days. The neighbourhood states are also witnessing its effects. Uttar Pradsh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have witnessed cold after minimum temperature in these states has dropped.

The minimum temperature in Maharashtra had risen to 20-12 degrees Celsius ten days ago. The mercury in western Maharashtra has now dropped to 13 degrees Celsius. Cold wave is likely in North Maharashtra in next few days. The mercury at Nashik had dropped to 10.5 degrees Celsius on December 7. It has dropped again to 14 degrees Celsius in las 10 days. Last year the mercury had dropped to 5-7 degrees Celsius in last week of December. It is being projected that grapes are likely to be affected by the rising cold.

Temperature in district in last 10 days

Dec 11 - 20.1 degrees Celsius

Dec 12 - 19.0 degrees Celsius

Dec 13 - 17.6 degrees Celsius

Dec 14 - 18.0 degrees Celsius

Dec 15 - 15.4 degrees Celsius

Dec 16 - 16.0 degrees Celsius

Dec 17 - 16.0 degrees Celsius

Dec 18 - 15.1 degrees Celsius

Dec 19 - 14.2 degrees Celsius

Dec 20 - 14.2 degrees Celsius

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