Members oppose offline conduct of budget meet

Members oppose offline conduct of budget meet

Nashik: Members have strongly demanded that at least the budget meeting should be held offline in the House after the general meeting of the Zilla Parishad which was held online.

With this demand in mind, even the office bearers are preparing to hold the meeting offline instead of online, but the members are accusing the administration of falsifying it. There are signs that this will create a rift between members, office bearers and the administration.

There is talk that the administration should not repeat its humiliation inflicted on it in the last week. The administration is opposing to holding the meeting in the assembly hall to avoid sharp questions from the members. In the absence of any government order to hold the meeting offline, members are questioning why the administration is adamant about holding the meeting online.

Chairman Balasaheb Kshirsagar has okayed the recommendations made by the Finance Committee to hold a meeting on Wednesday (March 10) to present the budget of the Zilla Parishad. However, budget online meeting has been fiercely opposed by members.

The budget for the year will include the budgets of various committees and it will be decided how much funds will be allocated for which scheme. Therefore, members will not be aware of these issues in the online meeting. The budget has been reduced this year and the members will not get cess funds. Therefore, the members demanded that the budget should be discussed in the House in order to get the funds for the schemes.

This demand has been made by the members to the office bearers. However, it is understood that the administration is not ready to hold the meeting offline.

The majority of the members demanded that the meeting should be held in the House. Right decision will be taken after discussing with the administration.

- Balasaheb Kshirsagar, President, ZP

There is no objection to hold the budget meeting in the House and we are fully prepared. However, the administration is not ready. If the administration is asked to hold a meeting in the House, it will not listen. The administration insists on online meet only.

- Dr Sayaji Gaikwad, Vice President, ZP

If there is difficulty in holding a meeting in the auditorium, it is possible to hold the meeting in the marriage hall by following the rules of Corona. The administration should leave its rigid stand to conduct meet online. It should allow offline meetings as per the demand of the members.

- Dr Atmaram Kumbharde, group leader, BJP

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