Medical posts to be recruited through exams

Medical posts to be recruited through exams
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Nashik: The recruitment in the state health department will take place within a month after taking the examination. The decision has provided a relief to thousands of students preparing for competitive examinations. Earlier, the recruitment was to be done on the basis of SSC and HSC marks. Thousands of students had protested against it.

Recruitment process for 17,000 posts in the health department by the state government was decided earlier to be done on the basis of merit. It was also revealed that many candidates preparing for competitive examinations in the state would not get a chance if they were interviewed. Due to the 'Best of Five' results of SSC and the increased marks of HSC, the students of many competitive examinations will be left behind.

Therefore, this recruitment was strongly opposed by the students who were preparing for the competitive examinations. These candidates urged that the recruitment has to be done through examination. The student has been preparing for these posts for the last three to five years. If the marks of SSC and HSC would be considered for the recruitment process, very few students will benefit.

However, the students said that this recruitment should be done only after conducting the examination. Due to recent lockdown, the idea was to recruit the posts on merit. But, as everything in the state are opened, fifty per cent of the total recruitment will be done within a month. It will take eight to fifteen days to prepare the roster. The recruitment process will then begin immediately.

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