Marriage registration website crashes

Registration may delay further till next Monday
Marriage registration website crashes

NASHIK: Many newlyweds are facing difficulties as the marriage registration website of the registration office has crashed while the wedding season is in full swing.

Meanwhile, due to the website's failure for the last four days, the issue of challans and notices related to registered marriages has come to a standstill. The government has computerised the special marriage registration process and connected the offices of marriage officers to the central server. So when the server goes down, the whole system goes down. It hits those who want to get married in a registered manner.

As the server has been closed in Nashik for the last 21 days, the registration work has stopped immediately. The visitors were told that the work would be resumed in two days. However, as the online work is still closed till Monday (25th), the period of registration getting over and the concerned are expressing their displeasure. The process of online application for marriage registration is done under the Marriage Act. Therefore, it is possible to register the marriage at home.

After the online application is submitted to the Marriage Registration Office, approval and invoicing are done by the Marriage Officer’s Office. But this work is now hampered by the server. Due to the stagnant work for the last four days, new registration, approval and issuance of currency could not take place.

The online approval, which has been closed for the last 21 days, was expected to resume on Monday. As a result of inquiries being made in the office, a notice board has been put up at the entrance of the office stating that the registration notice registration site is closed. Due to site closure, notices and invoices are currently closed.

Due to the server having crashed, notices and invoices have been suspended, but the marriage registration office has claimed that the site has been shut down. The site will be reopened in the next couple of days, and again, there will be a two-days government holiday.

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