Mantralay nod necessary for Shiv Bhojan outlet

Mantralay nod necessary for Shiv Bhojan outlet

Nashik: Permission from the Ministry of Food Supply will now be required to start a Shiv Bhojan Thali Kendra. Earlier, permission was being sought from the district level by the district supply department to start the centre. But now you have to approach the mantralay (ministry) directly for permission. At present there are 44 Shiv Bhojan Kendras in the district.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray's Shiv Bhojan Thali is an ambitious scheme which was launched on January 26 across the state. Initially, Shiv Bhojan Thali Kendras were started at five places in Nashik city and district including the District Collector's Office. In a short span of time, the scheme received a good response from the citizens in the state and the district.

The Chief Minister will review the scheme in March and April and the number of new Shiv Bhojan Kendras will be increased across the state. Many in the district have also applied to the district administration to start a Shiv Bhojan Kendra. The new center was earlier being sanctioned by the food supply department of the District Collectorate.

However, the right of permission given from the district level has been removed. From now on, applications will have to be submitted to the Ministry of Food Supply to start Shiv Bhojan Kendra. Applicants in the district administration are disappointed as permission will now be sought directly from the ministry.

Quota of 7000 thalis for district

A total of 44 Shiv Bhojan Kendras have been set up in 13 places in the city and 31 in the district and a quota of 7,000 dishes has been sanctioned.

Out of this, about 6,500 thalis are being sold daily.

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