Mann Ki Baat : PM Modi lauds Baglan researcher for innovative sanitizer sprayer
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Mann Ki Baat : PM Modi lauds Baglan researcher for innovative sanitizer sprayer

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


From “Mantra Bhoomi” to “Yantra Boomi”, the journey of Nashik is a time tested. Being a pilgrim place, it is also
developed into an industrial hub, and now is the city of the researchers also. In the 65th edition of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday talked about the remarkable work and innovation done by several categories of people. PM Modi lauded Baglan researcher for developing innovative sanitizer sprayer machine to combat COVID-19, which clearly conveys the message of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Rajendra Jadhav, a farmer and businessman from Baglan taluka in Nashik district, who is also a researcher and the winner of President’s award, has developed an unique sanitizer spray machine of international standard to prevent the spread of the highly infectious corona disease. The Prime Minister made a special mention of this farmer for his remarkable work.

The machine is useful to spray disinfectants at places like roads, colonies, lifts, house doors, compound gates and walls which are easily accessed by people in their day to day activities and hence can become a cause for viral transmission. The machine which is fully automatic and requires no manpower except an operator, can easily disinfect the place.

Researcher Jadhav, hailing from Varhane, taluka Baglan in the district had developed the machine for spraying disinfectants on crops and had given it to Satana municipal council for use.

Named after “Yashwant”, the machine has emerged as an important tool to speed up disinfectant campaign on a larger scale. Jadhav developed the sprayer in just 25 days which thoroughly cleans easily accessible areas like roads, colonies, lifts, house doors, compound gates and walls.

In this advanced sprayer, two blades of aluminum are installed in opposite directions. Both the blades absorb air in opposite directions and spray the disinfecting solution with high pressure through the nozzle (hole) in all directions. These blades rotate at an anxis of 180 degrees. These are also capable to clean walls up to 15 feet.

The sprayer machine can be mounted on a 15 horse power tractor. This spraying machine which has cost Rs 1.75 lakh for its development, has the capacity to store 600 liters of disinfectant mixed solution at a time. There requires less human interference in the operation of the machine. I have applied for patent of this innovative machine and has sent its design to National Innovation Foundation for approval.

– Rajendra Jadhav, farmer, researcher