Mandhare urges Nashikites: Move ahead leaving fear behind
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Mandhare urges Nashikites: Move ahead leaving fear behind

Nikhil Pardeshi

Nashik: Amid talks of implementation of the Malegaon pattern in Nashik city as a strategy to curb the spread of novel coronavirus, District Collector Suraj Mandhare on Wednesday explained success story and key factors of the much-talked-about Malegaon Pattern in the larger interest of 'curious' Nashikites saying that Corona is a mind game and Malegaon played it quite well. He appealed to Nashikites in one sentence: "Move ahead leaving fear behind".

While explaining 'Discharge policy' implemented at Malegaon, which is one of the various factors which contributed in curing the worst hotspot, district collector Mandhare said, "the health facility was overcrowded at one point of time. And then one day new discharge policy of allowing patients to leave without swab test, arrived.

That reduced the load on the swab testing and also emptied the health facility for new patients. That way we could accommodate new patients easily and also serve them well."

About the multiple treatment options exercised, he said that the people and doctors there resorted to their own way of treatments than following the norms. Though the public health system was quite in place, still a parallel system including O2 concentraters was catering to the patients who wanted to get treated at home. It was the calculated risk and it worked well.

A factor "No information overload" has turned out to be a boon for Malegaon residents, Mandhare stated elaborating that people in Malegaon mostly read local Urdu papers which rarely publish complex things like CFR, doubling rate, antigen kits, debates on Mask and no mask, vaccine development etc. This kept them away from fear psychosis and also saved from getting drowned in wrong conclusions.

"The moment we started powerlooms they immediately jumped into it and started leading normal life," Mandhare said while elaborating role of poweloom town citizens. He termed it business as usual.

"Political and administrative bosses didn't just reviewed but helped genuinely whenever required, administration didn't just regulate the things but worked as volunteers, NGOs didn't file PILs but actually worked towards public interest and finally people didn't place just demands but actually contributed their bit.

Everything was unprecedented and hence the result too," added district collector Mandhare while commending synergy across the stake holders. "If at all there is any Malegaon pattern, in one line it is..."Move ahead leaving fear behind", he added.

Earlier, state agriculture minister Dada Bhuse had dicussed Malegaon Pattern with guardian minister Chhagan Bhujbal.