Malik slams BJP

Malik slams BJP

Aurangabad/Mumbai: Maharashtra Minority Affairs Minister Nawab Malik today (Friday) alleged that the BJP was responsible for the second wave of Corona and now BJP will be responsible for the third wave by gathering people in the name of Jan Ashirwaad Yatra.

Malik said in a statement that, the BJP started preparations for elections with the Jana Aashirwad Yatra. Crowds are being gathered across the country in the name of Yatra, he said. The ICMR and the WHO and various experts in the field have feared a third wave if the crowding is not avoided.

However, BJP is gathering a crowd on the occasion of Jana Aashirwad Yatra, he explained. “Political events are also taking place in the state. This political event is threatening a third wave” he said.

Malik also clarified that if the rules framed by the state government are violated, action will be taken by filing a case. “Elections will come and go, but the people of BJP should know that the lives of the people are important” added Malik.

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