Making city clean and sustainable

Ghantagadis to be increased; launch from August
Making city clean and sustainable

NASHIK: Nashikites will witness a cleaner and garbage-free city from August as ghantagadi (garbage collection vans) will reach every lane and nook and corner of the city due to increase in its numbers. This will expedite garbage collection, its transportation and disposal on day to day basis.

The new contract of the Ghantagadi for garbage collection within the limits of Nashik Municipal Corporation will actually come into force in the month of August. The contract process was delayed due to delay in understanding the tender process in two divisions. Now, the tender process for the ghantagadi has been completed.

The number of ghantagadis as per the new contract will be 397. Earlier, 268 vehicles were on the roads for garbage collection in Nashik city. The city is expected to wore a clean look as the vehicles have been managed in such a way that litter will be collected from every parks, hotels, open wastes etc.

As the number of small vehicles for collection of garbage is increased, the citizens will get rid of the problems faced earlier.

In the old contract it had only 18 ghantagadis. Now the same number has reached 83. Therefore, the collection of garbage in small lanes will be done directly and smoothly without any further delay.

As many as 397 vehicles will run in six divisions of Nashik Road, Panchavati, East, West, Cidco and Satpur.

Currently from Nashik East division 115 tonnes of garbage per ay, Nashik West 80 tonnes, Nashik Road 100 tonnes, Panchavati 122 tonnes, CIDCO 130 tonnes and 89 tonnes of waste is being collected from Satpur division.

The ghantagadi contract awarded five years ago was cost low. However, due to the increase in the number of vehicles this year, the contract amount has also been increased.

According to the municipal sources, the contract amount has been increased due to rapid urbanisation and population growth in the last five years.

Due to shortage of small vehicles in the old contract, it was not possible for the garbage collecting vehicles to travel through most of the narrow lanes in CIDCO, Panchavati, old Nashik and Nashik Road divisions.

However, the new contract will have a total of 83 vehicles. Therefore, these vehicles will easily reach every colony, society, building in narrow lanes which will be convenient to the citizens. Also, dumping of garbage in the open will also be prevented and will help in becoming the city clean.

The new contract, which will start in August, will have 199 large vehicles. 33 garbage vans, 83 small vehicles, 6 for debris, 24 for hotel garbage collection, 36 for litter lying in public places and 6 others, totalling 397 vehicles will be in service for garbage collection.

Divisions and Ghantagadis

  • Nashik West - 42

  • East - 66

  • Panchavati - 80

  • Nashik Road - 80

  • Cidco - 73

  • Satpur - 56

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