Maintain a balanced diet in winter, say experts

Maintain a balanced diet in winter, say experts

Nashik: Winter is actually an exciting season. During this season the appetite increases, and also the digestive capacity of the body increases. But it is important to eat properly and have a satvik (pure and balanced) healthy diet in winter, opine experts.

"According to the ICMR guidelines, a healthy man needs 2110 calories and 42.9 grams of protein for a day, while a healthy woman needs 1660 calories and 36.3 grams of protein. It is necessary to maintain calorie level in winter, said Supriya Goswami-Gosavi, dietitian," government hospital, Nashik.

In this season, fenugreek, bitter gourd, brinjal, sunflower stalks, sugarcane pods and leaves and other vegetables should be eaten. Non-vegetarians should eat fish varieties of Ravas and pamphlet. Those who suffer from sore throat and frequent colds should consume less yogurt and buttermilk. Start the morning by drinking lukewarm water.

These days one should eat satvik food without starving. Eat warm foods like sesame seeds, peanuts, jaggery, dried fruits. Use millet bread and ghee. Also consume mustard oil, soybean, acacia, linseed, they say.

Diet should be included fruits. Increase the inclusion of traditional ingredients like mug kadhan, nachani laddu, dates, syrup, bajra khichdi, maize, ukad of rice and sorghum ambil, according to experts.

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