Mahendra Chhoriya, Prashant Dabri, and Subhash Patil grab the title

Nashik's three new Iron Men
Mahendra Chhoriya, Prashant Dabri, and Subhash Patil grab the title

NASHIK: South Africa has hosted the toughest Iron Man-2 challenge ever. Mahendra Chhoriya, Prashant Dabri, and Subhash Patil from Nashik decided to participate in it. All three participated in this competition and succeeded in completing the challenge. They have grabbed the title of Iron Man-2.

The competition was tough, which included running in the winds blowing from the east at a speed of 50-60 km per hour, entering the Indian Ocean for swimming, and the waves of 8 to 10 feet were described as scary by them. But they overcame it with strong will and strong support. The next challenge was cycling through windy low-lying areas at speeds of 50 to 60 km per hour.

“At one point, a thought came in our mind that why are we here? Why did we register for this event? But there was only one answer to all these questions were; we want to complete Iron Man-2. So, what we really needed to do was to learn how to do it right. The final stage of the series was a 42.2 km run. After completing two tasks, the body became paralyzed. The legs were refusing to run, but then the mental strength was running again”, expressed all.

Iron Man-2 is a competition that tests your physical and mental strength. Iron Man-2 needs a proper coach to win the title. It was just impossible without training. The team was getting support and inspiration from many friends. Prashant Dabri clocked 14 hours 57 minutes, while Subhash Patil clocked 15 hours 11 minutes. While completing the journey of Triathlon-2, Mahendra Chhoriya said that he is really satisfied that he has succeeded in making the name of the country bigger with Nashik city.

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