Low-cost dialysis facility at cantonment hospital

Low-cost dialysis facility at cantonment hospital

DEOLALI CAMP: To commence the new year on a positive note, the Cantonment General Hospital kick-started a low-cost dialysis unit yesterday (January 1) for residents and villagers. Deolali Cantonment Board set up the dialysis through the financial support of Vasumal Shroff, a well-known entrepreneur and NRI (Non Resident Indian).

Dr. Subodh Pandit and Asha Pandit inaugurated the ‘Dr. B.J. Pandit Dialysis Unit’ yesterday at Cantonment General Hospital. Deolali Cantonment Board’s President A. Ragesh chaired the event.

Due to this dialysis unit, patients of various villages, including Deolali Camp, cant get their dialysis done at Rs.900. Since the past two years, the hospital was functioning as a DCHC (Dedicated COVID Health Centre), treating patients during the first and second waves. Even though the unit was ready since a long, the hospital didn’t start the facilities to keep residents safe.

Many social organizations and political parties had also demanded the launch of this unit. Therefore, the board served justice to all on the new year’s first day and kick-started this unit for the citizens on a BOT (Build–operate–transfer) basis. Health Superintendent Aman Gupta, Inspector Shivraj Chavan, Atul Munde, Supervisor Vinod Kharalia, Dheeraj Dulgaj, and other hospital staff worked hard for the program’s success.

Appointed members Pritam Adhav, former corporators Baburao Mojad, Tanaji Karanjkar, Bhagwan Kataria, Kaveri Kasar, Prabhavati Dhivare, Asha Godse, Bhimrao Dhivare, Chandrakant Godse, Director of Quality Kidney Care Ajit Mishra, Rakesh Mittal, Nagesh Aghori, Hemant Vazirani, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rahul Gajbhiye, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Sonawane, Dr. Jayshree Natesh, Office Superintendent Umesh Gorwadkar, Accountant Vivek Bund were present at the occasion.

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