Long way to prove innocence for leopards

Months to go to get DNA, Saliva reports
Long way to prove innocence for leopards


The leopard attacks in Darna river basin created havoc in the region. So far, three children's and one elderly have been died in these attacks. A total of eight attacks have been registered in a span of three months, while four children have survived the leopard attacks. After that two leopards have been trapped by Nashik forest department in last few days.

The leopards which were trapped have been sent to Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Boriwali. Any leopard trapped in the area of Darna river basin will be sent to the National Park and will not be released until they are proved innocent.

The forest department has sent the blood and saliva samples of both the leopards to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.

The forest department sources have said that the samples collected from the body of leopard attack victims will be matched with the samples collected from the leopard trapped.

This process will be run continuously till the leopard which is dangerous to human life is identified. Until then the leopards will be kept in the cages at Boriwali.

The tests of matching saliva and DNA take two to three months for reports. It will take a long time for the reports to the leopards innocent. If samples of any of the leopard matches; that leopard will be shot dead or will be sentenced for life.

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