Long delayed road repair work starts

Long delayed road repair work starts
Nashik-Mumbai highwayNashik-Mumbai highway : Motorists seek quick repair of potholes

Deolali Camp: The Cantonment Board has finally started to better the condition of roads in Deolali. The rest road of the area, one of the main roads that lead to the railway station of Deolali, and to Bhagur, finally is getting repaired. The work of cleaning has already begun, and all the potholes will be filled up soon.

Corporator Bhagwan Katariya informed that the Cantonment Board claims that the road comes under MES. However, MES says that they don't have any kind of record mentioning that the concerned road is under its jurisdiction.

A major accident occurred on Wednesday night and the injured woman contacted all the officials of the Cantonment Board to complain as the accident occurred due to poor condition of the road. The Board officials then contacted the contractor immediately and road repair work has begun.

Residents and citizens were severely disappointed as the road was in a bad condition since a very long time. The road was temporarily repaired in the month of September to aid the motorists. Residents living nearby used to face severe issues while travelling on the road. During rainy season, travelling used to become a very difficult as the potholes used to get filled with rainwater.

Every year, the Cantonment Board repairs all the roads to aid the motorists. However, this year the situation was different due to the pandemic. The chances of accidents will reduce now. Citizens have expressed satisfaction over the repair of the road.

“I am really happy that the potholes are getting filled as now, my expenses on my vehicle will reduce. I had to change the suspensions of my two-wheeler every second month. I wasn't buying a new vehicle due to the condition of the roads. Rainy season was the most difficult one. One couldn't spot the potholes. However, thanks to Cantonment board, the road condition is now improving.”

- Ritik Dalwani, resident

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