Lonesome cub recovering slowly

Malnourished, dehydrated, still the cub gains 250 gm weight
Lonesome cub recovering slowly

NASHIK: A malnourished, weak and dehydrated cub is being taken care of by Nashik Forest Department and Eco Echo Foundation. The cub has been transferred to a wildlife shelter in Nashik from Malegaon. The cub is recovering slowly.

The leopard cub came to Krishna Thackeray’s farm in Mordar Shivara in the Malegaon taluka. Their kids brought the tiny little cat home to pet it. But soon, Raosaheb Thackeray, the grandfather, noticed that it is a leopard cub. It was handed over to the forest department.

The leopard cub was there with the family for five days and due to lack of food and skin conditions, the cub’s health became more complicated. After realising this, the family informed Forest Department and the department immediately took the cub into their custody and started its treatment.

The cub was brought to Nashik on May 11. It was very weak, but now it is recovering slowly. The veterinary officials informed that the cub is malnourished and is suffering from rare skin diseases. The layer of hair on its skin has gone.

Wildlife lovers hope for a speedy recovery

The volunteers from Eco Echo foundation told Deshdoot Times that the cub is recovering slowly and is showing good improvements. It has gained 250 gm of weight in just 4 days of treatment. The cub on its first day took only 20 ml of formula (a milk-like formula made especially for leopard cubs like mamma leopard milk). Now, it is drinking about 90 to 100 ml at a time. The cub will be shifted to the leopard diet once it develops a proper appetite and shows further improvements.

Attempt for reunion

The Forest Department informed that it will try to reunite the cub with the mamma leopard once the cub gets its physical strength back and recovers from skin disease. Attempts will be made for the reunion of this lonesome leopard cub soon.

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