Literary convention by rebels: Invitation to Greta Thunberg

Literary convention by rebels: Invitation to Greta Thunberg

Nashik : It has been decided to invite Nobel Laureate Greta Thunberg, a humanitarian environmentalist from Sweden who is currently supporting the massive peasant movement in various places on social media, as the inaugural speaker of the 16th Marathi Rebel Literary Convention in Nashik.

In the planning meeting of the convention on Sunday at the Shahid Memorial, it was decided to invite Greta Thunberg to the inauguration ceremony and inaugurate the convention.

The planned committees of the meeting were also discussed and it was decided to inaugurate the office of the Vidrohi Sahitya Sammelan on upcoming Sunday, February 14.

At this time, Pratima Pardeshi, Ganesh Unhavane, Kishore Dhamale, Raju Desale, Nitin Rothe, Mansaram Pawar, Prabhakar Dhatrak, Chandrakant Bhalerao, V T Jadhav, Subhash Kakuste and others gave guidance on the planning and role of the meeting.

Meanwhile, various committees, along with discussing the resolutions, planned to raise funds based on the concept of one handful of grain, one rupee.

On the occasion of Baburao Bagul’s death anniversary a memorial week from 20th March to 25th March will be observed. It was also decided to light a torch from his residence from his village Vihitgaon at it will be carried at the convention venue.

The meeting was attended by Ashpak Qureshi, Sadashiv Gange, Arjun Bagul, Vijaya Durdhavale, Rajendra Jadhav, Nilesh Sonawane, Ravindra Pagare, Tarachand Motmal and Deepali Wagh.

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