Linesman swims through flooded water, restores power supply

Linesman swims through flooded water, restores power supply

NASHIK: Braving the adverse weather condition, a linesman of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) swam through the swollen water of a dam to restore the power supply at Rayambe village in Igatpuri tehsil.

heavy rains have been lashing parts of the district for the past few days. Due to this, many rivers and streams are overflowing. Also, due to the increase in the water storage of many dams, water is being released while flood situation has arisen in many places. Due to a heavy downpour in Igatpuri taluka, the power supply in Rayambe village was interrupted. To restore the power supply, the Prakashdoot (linesman) of Mahavitaran restored the power supply by swimming in the water stream of the Mukne dam and climbing on the electric pole. The Mahavitaran has posted this thrilling video on its Twitter handle.

In the video, it can be seen that Mahavitaran’s messenger - the Prakashdoot - is swimming in the water stream of the dam without caring for his life. He is trying to restore the power supply by climbing on an electric pole to restore the supply. After tireless efforts, the linesman succeeded in restoring the power supply. After the power supply was restored, the residents thanked the braveheart linesman.

Some videos of the two incidents in Igatpuri have gone viral on social media and the work of these employees is being appreciated.

In the first incident, the power supply was disrupted in Rayambe in Igatpuri due to heavy rains. To restore the power supply, a ‘Prakashdoot’ named Amol Jagle of Mahavitaran swam in the current of the Mukne dam and climbed the pole to restore the power supply. The thrilling video of this incident has been uploaded by Mahavitaran on its Twitter account and this video is getting lots of likes.

In the second incident, an employee named Praveen Shingve restored the electricity supply by carrying the electric wire lying in the water of the Darna river. Due to Shingve’s conscientiousness, the electricity supply here was restored. Due to this, the citizens of the area have made a video of Shingve viral on social media and this video is also being widely liked.

Mahavitaran Joint Managing Director Chandrakant Dange, Chief Engineer Deepak Kumthekar, Superintending Engineers Gyandev Padalkar, Ramesh Sanap and Pankaj Tagadpalliwar commented that the name of Mahavitaran has been brightened due to the conscientiousness of these employees. Also, these employees were especially honoured by Joint Managing Director Chandrakant Dange.

Salute to courage

"The employees of Mahavitaran regularly go to dangerous areas and perform their duty. On 18 July, the power supply to Rayambe near Mukne Dam in Igatpuri was interrupted. To restore this power supply, our employee Amol Jagle showed courage by swimming in the water and restoring the power supply. Amol’s adventure is an inspiration to us all." - Deepak Kumthekar, Chief Engineer, Nashik Circle

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