Leopard trapped in Bhuse shivar

Leopard trapped in Bhuse shivar
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NASHIK: On June 28, a leopard was trapped in Bhuse shivar. In the same area, another leopard has been trapped by Nashik forest department. On July 2, early morning the leopard was trapped as a cage was installed as per the request of villagers. The villagers were frightened by the presence of a leopard in the area. As a result, the forest department installed a cage in the farm of Dnyaneshwar Aaghav.

On June 28, the leopard was trapped in the cage. As per the information received, the forest department installed another cage at the same spot. As a result, on July 2 early morning a female leopard was trapped In just three to four days, the forest department has successfully trapped a male and female leopard. The leopards are taken to a forest nursery. After their health inspection, they will be released into their natural habitat.

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