Leopard rescued from ashes' pile in Eklahare

Leopard rescued from ashes' pile in Eklahare

NASHIK: The incident took place around noon on Saturday when a leopard fell in the middle of a thick bush growing near a pile of ashes in Eklahare area. Upon receiving the information, a team of wildlife lovers along with the forest department rushed towards the spot. Trapped in the thick bushes, the leopard was spotted by a group of villagers. After three hours, the rescue squad was able to pull the leopard out of the bushes and into a cage without making him unconscious.

In the afternoon, a small leopard suddenly appeared to the citizens in the ash mountain area of Eklahare area. In no time, the leopard disappeared from there. As soon as the forest department got the information, the forest rangers rushed to the spot and confirmed it. The leopard was nowhere to be found at this time; However, seeing signs of its presence the forest department began to follow the traces.

At around 3.30 pm, a leopard was spotted in the thick vegetation and the rescue squad was alerted. As the ash heap is very large up to the leopard could not be reached. So it was decided to take the help of earthmover. The earthmover was called around 3.30 pm.

JCB began to set aside the pile of ashes as well as the bushes. After clearing the area in about half an hour, the leopard was spotted. This time the forest ranger did not make any movement even with the sound of JCB. In the thick pile of ashes the leopard was trapped. He was in critical condition as he could not due to injured legs. After about three hours of hard work, the leopard was safely rescued. Leopard is about one and half years old, with no serious injuries at first sight.

Immediate treatment has been started by veterinarians. The leopard is growing female, forest officials said. Her back is said to have been hit at first sight. The leopard is scared and has been taken care of. The leopard will go under x-ray and other tests once its fit for it. The condition of leopard is currently stable, informed.

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