Leopard posing danger to humans is an adult male : CCMB

Primary reports received from Hyderabad
Leopard posing danger to humans is an adult male : CCMB
LeopardLeopard posing danger to humans is an adult male : CCMB


The leopard which has became dangerous to human life in Darna river basin is an adult male, According to the primary report of Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad.

The process of identifying the leopard which is dangerous to human life is now gaining momentum.

Although the Forest Department has also initiated proceedings as per the report received, it will be difficult to decide exactly which leopard is attacking or have attacked people in the Darba valley region.

It can be only decided until the final reports are received. On the other hand the work of trapping leopards in this area is constantly under going since last month.

There have been eight leopard attacks in Darna since April. Forest Minister Sanjay Rathore has personally paid attention to this matter.

Accordingly, leopard saliva samples were sent to Hyderabad for testing.

The saliva from the wounds of the deceased and the swabs of leopards captured in the area in the last few days were examined. A preliminary report has been obtained from it. According to reports, the attacking leopard was identified as a male.

So far, four leopards have been seized by the Forest Department from Darna Valley. Only one of them is a middle-aged male. So only after Swab's final report it will be clear whether the captive male leopard is the attacker or not. Until then, the area's cages and camera will remain intact, senior forest officials said.

Although the attacking leopard is believed to be males, the trapped leopards are still being held in Borivali National Park. These leopards cannot be released until the process is complete.

On July 2, an adult female in Jakhori, on July 13, a middle-aged male leopard in Samangaon, on July 21, a one-and-a-half-year-old female leopard in Palse Shivar, and on July 24, a three-year-old female leopard in a well in Chehedi village have been trapped.

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