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Learning to live with leopards

Awareness need of the hour

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Leopard is also called as spotted tiger. Tiger is at the highest level in food chain as well as the most important in wildlife.

The places where the population of the leopard or tiger is flourishing are considered as having a good biodiversity. The district of Nashik has become one such place, where the leopard population is flourishing.

Unfortunately, the Leopard-human conflict in Darna river basin area has led to trapping of 11 leopards in Nashik and Sinnar forest range. The intensive campaign to trap leopard was called after eight attacks were witnessed in the Darna river basin. In these attacks four people died.

Currently, the Darna river basin has gone silent and no attack has been there since past one month. The Darna river basin area is now in need of awareness.

The wildlife lovers have expressed that the trapping of leopard should stop as we will lost the good leopard habitats. They fear that the leopards will not be released again in the Nashik but else where.

Importance of Leopard The Deputy Conservator of Forest, West Forest Division, Shivaji Phule, explained about how leopard is important for farmers. He said, "The farmers should understand that the leopard insure security of their farms. The pigs, strays do not attack on the crop if there is presence of leopard.

The foxes too stay away from the sugarcane farms. Wherever there is presence of leopard, you will see no incidents of theft due to fear." About the attacks in Darna Valley, he said that all these attacks could have been avoided, if the villagers have followed the instructions given by forest.

The forest had instructed villagers not to sleep out side home, Stay in homes after dark, not to go out alone in dark and other such instructions. The villagers totally avoided them.

Track of leopard attacks

1. 19/04/2020,---- an 11-year-old boy named Kunal Yogesh Pagare was killed----Mauje Hinganvedhe in the morning.

2. 01/05/2020 ---- a 4 year old boy named Rudra Rajesh Shirole died----- Mauje Donwade.

3. 10/06/2020---- Samrudhi Kasar a 7 years girl was attacked by a leopard around 9.30 am but the girl was rescued due to the vigilance of the family---- Mauje Shevage Darana.

4. 15/06/2020-----Jivram Govind Thube, 75, died in attack ----- Mauje Donawade.

5. 16/06/2020 ------ Gunjan Dashrath Nehere, age 3 years girl died in attack, Mauje Babhuleshwar.

6. 28/06/20 ----- 3 year old survived in a leopard attack at Patil Mala Samangaon.

7. 30/06/20 ------ 14 year old Amol Pedhekar saved in leopard attack at Kotamgaon Samangaon

8. 4/06/20------ 9 years Aayush Satpute saved in leopard attack at Chehadi village, Satpute mala

Track of leopards trapped

Nashik Range

1. 03/07/20 ------ female adult leopard, 4 years old trapped at Jakhori village.

2. 13/07/20----- Male adult leopard of 8 years old trapped at Samangaon.

3. 21/07/20---- Female leopard, around one and half years, trapped at Palase village

4. 24/07/20---- Female Leopard of three years rescued from well in Chadegaon

5. 29/07/20 ------ Adult leopard of 10 years trapped from Dhondi road

6. 30/07/20 ----- Female leopard of around a year old trapped in Chandgiri

7. 05/08/20----- Male leopard of 5 year old trapped at Rahuri

8. 05/08/20 ---- Female adult leopard trapped from Jakhori villageSinnar Range

9. 22/07/20 ----- Male leopard of one and half year trapped at Chincholi

10. 27/07/20----- Female leopard of three years old from Ghorwad village

11. 31/07/20----- Male adult leopard of six years trapped at Chincholi

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