Kidnapped trader found dead

Kidnapped trader found dead

NASHIK: The incident of abduction and murder of a furniture maker in the Nashik Road complex has created a stir. There is a factory for making school benches in Eklahare Road area near Sinnar Phata. There has been news of the owner of the same factory being abducted and murdered in Malegaon. The dead body of the businessman has been recovered from Saitarpade area of ​​Malegaon tehsil. Police said that many injury marks were found on the body of the said businessman. The deceased has been identified as Shirish Gulabrao Sonawane (56).

Two days after the incident, the body of the factory owner was recovered from near Malegaon. After all, why the factory owner was murdered, what was the reason behind it, there has been no disclosure about it. The police have taken this matter seriously and it is expected that soon the mystery of this murder will be solved.

Earlier Feroz, an employee of the factory was asked to bring tea, after giving tea Feroz went to the factory. But after a long time, the owner did not come inside. Also, it is learned that he was seen by the workers when the car was going towards Sinnar Phata. After this, Sonawane’s wife received a phone call from the factory and inquired saying that the owner Sonawane’s phone was going off. At this time, when the workers looked outside, the owner Sonawane was not seen.

After this, they tried to find him, but as they could not find him, on Saturday, the owner, Sonawane, was reported missing at the Nashik Road police station.

Three investigation teams were dispatched under the guidance of Nashik Road police station senior Police Inspector Anil Shinde. Based on the information received, while the investigation was going on, it was reported that the dead body of Sonawane was found in the irrigation canal of Saitarpade Shivar in Malegaon. After this, the relatives were informed and the relatives identified the dead body and sent it for autopsy. The CCTV cameras at the Swastik Furniture Factory are understood to have been switched off for several days.

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