Nashik shines in Khelo India

Excellent platform for young athletes
Nashik shines in Khelo India

NASHIK: Nashik has once again made its mark in the Khelo India Youth Games 2022 with Nashik players Chandu Chawre, Vrushali Bhoye and Kausalya Pawar displayed an excellent performance while representing Maharashtra. Both the Maharashtra boys and girls teams won the 4th Khelo India Kho-Kho competition at Panchkula, Haryana. This encouraging sporting event of national level has provided an excellent platform for young athletes in the district.

Chandu Chawre, Vrushali Bhoye and Kausalya Pawar made significant contributions in this achievement of Maharashtra. The defending champions boys team beat Odisha by a margin of one innings. Chandu Chawre, who was playing in the third Khelo India tournament, was part of this team. The girls team also retained their title by defeating Odisha by a few seconds.

In the boys group national championship held at Odisha last year, the girls of Odisha had fought back Maharashtra till the third innings. Its repetition was seen in this competition. But they did not manage to turn their closely contested struggle into victory.

Vrushali Bhoye took four of the first five wickets in the final to give Maharashtra a two-point lead in the first half. That was ultimately decisive. In each match, Kausalya Pawar averaged 1.40 seconds in each innings, taking two wickets in the attack and contributing to Maharashtra’s victory.

In the second consecutive National Championship for Maharashtra, Vrushali took the most wickets in the National Kho-Kho Championship and made a significant contribution in the victory of Maharashtra.

Vrushali took 15 wickets in Khelo India Kho-Kho tournament. Kausalya, who has defended four times in five matches, took five wickets in the attack while playing a total of 7.20 seconds. Vrushali and Kausalya have been awarded a scholarship by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

The duo are the first female players from Nashik to participate in Khelo India Kho-Kho competition. Vrushali and Kausalya are supported by the District Kho Kho Association and are under training at the Shivaji Maharaj Sports Complex run by the District Sports Office. These players from Nashik practice regularly in the morning and evening under the guidance of Umesh Atwane and Gitanjali Sawale.

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